Membership System Screen Shots

The R2sports membership software helps an organization manage its users.

Groups can be created and users linked to specific groups. An administrator can use the email generator tool to communicate with all the users in a group. Users can join or renew their membership online by making selections from the shopping cart. Approved directors can also pay their sanctioning fees through the membership website.

All payment transactions are recorded in the activity history and reports can be generated for each user. Easily update user data and search user records. Generate reports and export them to excel or an access database.

R2sports Screen Shots: Users

Membership Management Email System

The membership management email system controls all of the messages that are automatically sent out when an action occurs in the system.

Customize each message that is triggered when specific actions take place, like being approved to become an event director, an event sanctioning request, or if a created email in the membership program is accepted and ready to send or is denied by an administrator.

The customer email messages can include the users name by following the instructions after clicking edit next to the email name. Use the content manager to adjust the text in the email and add a logo if necessary.