Online Registration Screenshots

View screen shots of all the online registration steps from start to finish. Registering online is the only way to be sure your entry is entered correctly and the profile information is accurate.

The R2sports online entry for event participants makes entering an event quick and easy. Registrants can modify their entry as many times as needed up until the entry deadline.

Step 1: Verify profile info Step 2: Select divisions Step 3: Confirm Registration Step 4: Secure Payment Step 5: View receipt

R2sports Screen Shots: Online Registration

Reg On Line Profile Verification

The first step for the reg on line is to verify that the profile information is correctly entered. If an error is found, modify the registering online information by clicking the Edit personal profile info link.

A photo may also be uploaded of the player or team. Click the Update your picture link and then browse the files on your computer and select the picture. The image must be a gif or jpg. If the image is created in another photo shop type application, renaming the file extension will cause the image not to load. It must be exported to one of the two supported formats.

The participantís photo will show up in a few places. One is the reg on line participants list that shows all the registrants for the event. On the printable bracket options page, the director has an option have the photo of the player on the draw. The tourney bracket maker results page will show the picture if the competitor is the champion or runner up in their division. The member database search used by organization administrators also displays the image.

If the event to reg on line is linked to a sport organization using the R2sports online member management system, the participants membership status and expiration date will be listed. If a competitor does not have a current membership, they will have to purchase a membership during the reg on line process.

In the tournament template setup, the director can create up to two customized questions for the event specific info section. The director creates the question and chooses if the registrant is required to answer it or not. All the participantsí answers can be viewed by the director on the Alpha List located in the tournament participants section.

After verifying that all the reg on line information is current, continue to step 2 where you will register for event divisions register for event divisions.