Online Registration Screenshots

View screen shots of all the online registration steps from start to finish. Registering online is the only way to be sure your entry is entered correctly and the profile information is accurate.

The R2sports online entry for event participants makes entering an event quick and easy. Registrants can modify their entry as many times as needed up until the entry deadline.

Step 1: Verify profile info Step 2: Select divisions Step 3: Confirm Registration Step 4: Secure Payment Step 5: View receipt

R2sports Screen Shots: Online Registration

Registration Online Summary

The third step when registering online is the entry confirmation. This page will list the registered for event divisions in the previous step and will display a total balance due.

Depending on the date and time of the registration online, a late fee or an early discount may be applied. The director controls the fees and options in the tournament template setup section. The coupon option allows the registrant to give himself a discount if certain criteria is met that is specified in the coupon instructions. The director can verify the coupons were used correctly in the event accounting section.

Directors logged into the backend entering a participant will be able to add an additional fee or discount to the entry to help balance accounting. This field is read only and can't be changed without director access

Additional items may also be available for purchase during registration online, like a meal ticket or extra tournament screen t shirts. Make a selection by choosing the quantity in the dropdown list.

When the event is linked to the R2sports member management system, an additional drop down menu will appear and the registrant will have to select a membership type and the total due will increase based on the selection that is made.

A competitor may make changes to their registration online anytime up until the entry deadline. Previous payments are listed and taken out of the balance due. When more is owed, the registrant will only have to pay the remaining balance due and will not be charged an additional online fee. Any participant that is owed a refund will be given cash or a check at the event.

At the bottom, the entrant must accept the participant waiver and click the Go to Next Step link to continue to select the payment type for the event registration.