Tournament Software Screenshots

View screen shots for tournament setup, registered participants, brackets, match times and final results. The R2sports league application has the same features as the tournament software.

The R2sports software tournament application and league manager tool are online web applications that are easy to use. Save hours of time creating draws and setting game times. No need to download and install anything on your computer. Use the software on any pc or smart phone with internet access. Multiple directors can be logged in at the same time. Players and fans can enter and get all of the tourney info from one website.

R2sports Screen Shots: Participants

Auto-created Tournament Website

The tournament website is created automatically as the director goes the setup wizard for the tournament template. The sport, dates, and tournament names are listed at the top. Then the navigation bar takes the user to the following pages: tournament website info page, to register, to view the participants list, view start times, brackets, results, media, event fees, sponsors, map, and hotel.

The director can set the tournament website home page message and also upload a tournament logo. When online registration is open, a large Enter Now button will appear. After the entry deadline, this button will disappear.

Event sponsors are listed at the bottom of each page on the tournament website. A tournament can have up to 20 sponsors, and they rotate as the user browses to different pages and display four at a time.

During a live tournament when the event staff uses the tournament planner grid to assign live courts / fields and to update winners, the home page will list the live matches and show recent results that have been entered.