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Racquetball Tournament Software

The R2sports racquetball tournament software has been used by the International Racquetball Federation to run the world championships in South Korea, Ireland, and the Dominican Republic. Several national associations including USA, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, and Germany have used the racquetball tournament software to run their adult and junior national events. The US Open and the Mexico Open have also used the software to run some of the largest events in the sport.

The racquetball tournament software makes it easy for a director to manage the players in a tournament. Participants can enter online and purchase additional items like an extra t-shirt, banquet ticket, or pro ticket packages.

Once the registration deadline has past, the director can combine smaller divisions together and choose the format of each tourney bracket by converting it to the desired draw type. Quickly seed the top players and let the bracket maker find a spot for the remaining division participants.

Tournament scheduling without conflicts is almost impossible to do manually. The racquetball tournament software helps you schedule matches conflict-free and lists all the scheduled matches on a time grid.

Run a live event on the tournament planner by assigning matches to courts and updating winners after the match has been played. The event website is updated in real-time so parents, and fans can follow along.

Costs to use the racquetball tournament software are as follows:

Sanctioned Pricing:
If you plan on having a sanctioned USA Racquetball or Racquetball Canada tournament, please contact the association for pricing and to activate your event.

The following pricing if for Non-sanctioned tournaments:

1) $20 fee paid up front to activate the racquetball tournament

2) Pricing Options available during setup that are paid after the tournament is over:

a) US Pricing:

a) US, Canada and Europe Pricing:

Director pays $1 USD per racquetball player in the tournament, no additional charge for participants to enter online.

c) Mexico and South America Pricing:

Director pays $0.50 USD per player in the tournament, no additional fee for players to enter online.

3) Additional option for USA tournaments only:

a) R2sports processes credit cards and sends director a check for 5% processing fee of total processed.

Instructions on how to get started:

To run a USA Racquetball sanctioned tournament, visit USA Racquetball - How to Sanction a Racquetball Tournament
To run an International Racquetball Pro Tour event, visit IRT Tournament
To run a Racquetball Canada Tournament, visit

To activate an event outside of USA and Canada, Contact R2 sports