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Table Tennis League Manager

The R2 sports table tennis league manager makes it easy for a director to manage a ping pong league. After the director goes through all of the league setup steps, the software creates a league website.

On the league registration website, players can enter the league online and pay their league fee, view league schedules, and view final results after the league has ended. There is also an option to allow players to report their own match results.

After the entry deadline, the tennis table league manager can begin creating the league schedules. Convert divisions to different brackets formats based on the number of players in a division and the amount of time for the league. Most leagues use either a round robin format or pool play where players are broken up into several round robin groups with a single elimination playoff at the end.

Set times for the league matches if necessary. Select multiple matches to schedule and set times for league games and choose a location, date, and time for the match to occur. A time grid will be color coded to display conflicts if players are in multiple divisions.

Pricing to use the table tennis league manager is below:

1) $16 fee paid up front to activate the table tennis league

2) $0.50 per participant paid after the league is finished

3) Additional option for USA tournaments only:


a) R2sports processes credit cards and sends director a check for 5% processing fee of total processed.

To activate the R2 sports table tennis league manager software for your league, click the Add to Cart button.




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