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Table Tennis Tournament Software

The R2 sports table tennis tournament software is used by tournament directors to help manage their tourney. A setup wizard guides the director through all of the required setup steps. Select registration deadlines, entry fee pricing, and the default division options.

All registration websites pages are created after the director completes the basic setup. Customize the website by selecting a color layout, uploading a logo, and entering a home page message. Through the tournament website, players can register for event divisions, view starting times, brackets and match results.

The director can modify registrations through the tournament participants section. The quick find menu makes it easy to perform actions on any registered player like modifying their divisions or removing them from the tournament.

Depending on the number of players in a division, different bracket formats will be needed. The ping pong tournament software makes it easy to change the format of a tourney bracket. Choose between different single elimination, round robin, and pool play bracket types.

Seeding in the bracket maker is simple. Put a seed number next to the player or doubles team name, leave it blank to make it random, then click the updating seeding link and in a few seconds the bracket will be created. Select from multiple ways to set conflict free match times.

During a live event, the brackets on the website are updated in real time after match winners are updated through the tournament planner. Winners advance into later rounds, and losers drop down into the consolation bracket if that option is selected.

Costs to use the R2 sports table tennis tournament software are as follows:

1) Initial fee of $20 fee to activate

2) Pricing Options selected during setup that are paid once the tournament has ended:


a) US Pricing:



Option 1: Players pay additional $3 fee when signing up on line. No additional fee if director manually enters player through the backend.



Option 2: Directors pay $1 player regardless of their entry method. There is no online fee charged to a player entering online.


b) Canada and Europe Pricing:



Director pays $1 USD per participant, no extra fee for players to register online.


c) Mexico and South America Pricing:



Director pays $0.50 USD per participant in the tournament, no extra fee charged to players to enter online.

3) Additional option for USA tournaments only:


a) R2 sports processes credit cards and sends director a check for 5% processing fee of total processed.

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