Badminton Software

The R2sports badminton software allows directors to quickly seed brackets and set match times. Players can register online and view results.

Badminton is a racket sport in which either one person plays against an opponent, or a two person doubles team competes with another team. Opponents play on opposite sides of a rectangular badminton court which is divided in half by a net.

The server hits a shuttlecock with his racquet so that it goes over the net and lands inside the court on the opponent’s side. The rally continues until the shuttlecock hits the ground.

Badminton Tournament Software

The R2sports badminton tournament software creates a tournament website that makes it easy for players to enter online. Directors can seed brackets and quickly set match times for the competitors. Tournament revenue can be tracked through the accounting section.

Badminton tournament software

Badminton League Management Software

The badminton league manager application helps a director schedule a league over several months or weeks. Schedules can be printed and given to the players and the league results are posted online.

Badminton league manager

Badminton Online Registration

The badminton camp registration software allows participants to enter your camp online. Stop taking phone calls and emails that take up your time. View camp profits and track the camp revenue.

Badminton camp registration

Badminton Ranking System

Need a badminton ranking system for your organization? The badminton tournament software reports match results that automatically keeps the rankings up to date after each event. Badminton players can view their ranking and match history against other players

Badminton ranking system

Badminton Ladder Software

Once the director goes the basic setup, the challenge ladder badminton software automates everything. On the website, players can register for a ladder division, get rules and information, view current rankings, make challenges, and report match results. It works great for clubs, schools, or cities that want to have a fun and competitive match system in place.

Badminton Ladder Software

Badminton Membership Management Software

The membership software will help badminton organizations manage their members. Players can go online to renew their membership and see their activity history. Office staff can monitor membership status and use the email system to communicate with badminton members.

Badminton membership software

Badminton Websites

Do you need a website to list all of the badminton events that your organization sanctions? The events site pulls data from the tournament database and lists all of your tournaments, camps, and leagues, making them easy to find for players. A backend content manager enables a staff member to update images and modify the content.

Badminton association website

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