Online Registration Screenshots

View screen shots of all the online registration steps from start to finish. Registering online is the only way to be sure your entry is entered correctly and the profile information is accurate.

The R2sports online entry for event participants makes entering an event quick and easy. Registrants can modify their entry as many times as needed up until the entry deadline.

Step 1: Verify profile info Step 2: Select divisions Step 3: Confirm Registration Step 4: Secure Payment Step 5: View receipt

R2sports Screen Shots: Online Registration

Login to Register Online

When a player or team is ready to register online for an event, they can click on the Enter Now Button located on the home page of the registration website and that will take them to this login page.

Participants that have never attempted to register online through R2sports will need to fill in the registering online profile form. Otherwise, those who have registered online for a previous event can user their user id and password to login so they do not have to reenter all of their profile information. In case the login information is forgotten, click the forgot login info link to reset the credentials.

In the tournament template setup, the director has options to restrict who can register online by the country or state / province of residence, and age of player by a certain date. When someone tries to enter an event in which they are restricted, it will stop the entry process and display a warning message.

Some events allow a person to register and pay for another person. When this option is available, the Register another person other than yourself link will appear. After clicking, it will ask you to search for the person or team you would like to register. After finding the competitor, it will ask you to login to your own personal profile and begin the to entry process. When using this option to register online, the other participantís profile information is blocked so it canít be edited or viewed hiding any personal data.

After either logging in or creating a competitor profile, the user is able to begin to register online. The first step is the reg on line profile verification page.