Membership System Screen Shots

The R2sports membership software helps an organization manage its users.

Groups can be created and users linked to specific groups. An administrator can use the email generator tool to communicate with all the users in a group. Users can join or renew their membership online by making selections from the shopping cart. Approved directors can also pay their sanctioning fees through the membership website.

All payment transactions are recorded in the activity history and reports can be generated for each user. Easily update user data and search user records. Generate reports and export them to excel or an access database.

R2sports Screen Shots: Memberships

Management Member Multi-Renewal

The management member multi-renewal feature allows an event director to renew several people at the same time. When a participant enters an event online through the registration website the player will be required to make a membership purchase.

When a director enters a player manually and waits to receive payment until the event check-in, the director can collect cash or checks from the user at the event. Then the director can use the multi-renewal management member feature and renew all the expired members in the event at the same time.

In the report, check the box in the renew column next to each user that you would like to renew. Click the select all box if you wish to renew everyone in the listing. After making the selections, click the save icon.

If your association uses rebates that are set in the membership administration and if the director has a higher access level, they will have an option to withhold their rebate, so they donít have to pay it and receive it back later.

Next the shopping cart will take you to the checkout page. After payment is made, all users selected will be renewed and each user will be emailed a separate email receipt that confirms their management member renewal has gone through. Modify the email message they receive from the membership management email system.