Membership System Screen Shots

The R2sports membership software helps an organization manage its users.

Groups can be created and users linked to specific groups. An administrator can use the email generator tool to communicate with all the users in a group. Users can join or renew their membership online by making selections from the shopping cart. Approved directors can also pay their sanctioning fees through the membership website.

All payment transactions are recorded in the activity history and reports can be generated for each user. Easily update user data and search user records. Generate reports and export them to excel or an access database.

R2sports Screen Shots: General

Membership Application Home Page

When a user first logs in to the membership application, they will be directed to the membership application home page. The first thing the will see are any important messages that need an action to be taken like approval for member system groups or to activate events that have been approved by a commissioner. These messages have a red or green box around them and stand out on the page.

The left side of the page has the navigation bar that will expand when a key word is clicked on. In the middle of the page towards the bottom it lists all the sections that are on the nav bar with an small icon and a short description of what is in that section.

The right side of the screen lists the userís profile. The user can upload their picture, and view all their current profile information that is in the database. Links with icons in the profile go to the userís membership site activity history and payment transactions within the system.