Rankings for Sport Organizations

Stop wasting time manually tracking rankings.

The R2sports software for a tournament or league reports results directly to the ranking software. After the director has all game results entered, they simply click on a link to report results to the ranking software.

Some organizations also use the R2 sports membership software and require users to have a current membership in order to have a ranking spot. This is a good way to ensure that members keep a current membership and pay their dues on time.

R2sports Screen Shots: Rankings Software

Check player rankings

Before a director begins seeding brackets using the R2sports rank system, the director can view divisions with the playerís name listed along with their ranking. This makes it easy to tell if a player needs to be reclassified into another division.

In the screenshot to the left under the Menís Singles CC division, one player is ranked in the 300ís and the other players all considerably ranked lower. The player in spot number 6 should be moved to a different division. Easily move a competitor to a different division by clicking the edit entry link next to their name.

Notice the Menís Single C division at the bottom all has fairly similar rankings, with the number 3 spot being a lot lower. Most tournaments and leagues allow participants with lower player rankings to enter up a skill level but do not allow the opposite to occur like the example above.

View the rank systems player match history to see if any of the participants have competed against each other in the past. Use this information to modify first round match-ups in single elimination brackets to prevent someone from being beaten by the same player in the first round for two or three events in a row. That could become very frustrating to a player!