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The R2sports racquetball software facilitates all aspects of managing a racquetball event. Directors will save hours of time.

Racquetball is an individual sport where the player hits a small rubber ball against a front wall using a racquet. Racquetball can be played on an indoor court with four surrounding walls and a ceiling, or on an outdoor court without a back wall or ceiling. Doubles is a variation where two players make up a team and compete against another pair. After serving the racquetball, each team alternates between hitting the ball. The ball must be hit before it bounces twice and must reach the front wall. A player has to be serving to get a point, and the winner is the one who reaches a certain point total first, usually 11 or 15.

Racquetball Ladder Software

The challenge ladder racquetball software allows players to register online, make challenges, and report match results. Directors setup the challenge ladder by selecting the rules and options that the participants follow. The racquetball ladder rankings and rules are listed on the ladder website that is generated from the setup section.

Racquetball Ladder Software

Racquetball League Software

The racquetball league software makes it easy for a league director to manage racquetball players. Create league schedules over several months and enter results.

Racquetball league manager

Racquetball Online Registration

Use the racquetball camp registration software to allow racquetball students to register online for a racquetball instructional camp to learn the proper technique of the game. Accounting section will track revenue and player payments.

Racquetball camp registration

Racquetball Membership Management System

Looking for a way to maintain racquetball memberships for your racquetball association? The R2sports membership system will help keep track of racquetball player data and their membership expiration dates.

Racquetball membership software

Racquetball Tournament Software

The R2sports racquetball tournament software has been used to run national championships for USA Racquetball, Canada Racquetball, Chile, Costa Rica and Germany. It has also been used to run several world championships both indoor and outdoor. The US Open and Mexico Open have both used the software as well.

Racquetball tournament software

Racquetball Ranking Systems

Does your racquetball organization need an automated rankings system? The racquetball event software automatically sends results to the ranking system. Racquetball players can search their rankings and view match history against all of their opponents.

Racquetball ranking system

Racquetball Websites

Searching for a racquetball website that lists all of the sanctioned events and creates a calendar for your association? Generate text articles and upload images through the content manager without having to know html.

Racquetball association website

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2024 55th Florida State Singles Championships
3/1/2024 - 3/3/2024
Sarasota, FL

2024 Warhawk Open at ULM
3/21/2024 - 3/23/2024
Monroe, LA

2024 Georgia Regional Championships
4/5/2024 - 4/7/2024
Lilburn Georgia , GA

Arizona State Singles
4/12/2024 - 4/14/2024
Tempe, AZ

Arizona State Doubles
5/17/2024 - 5/19/2024

2024 Scholastic Elite Camp
7/29/2024 - 8/2/2024
St Louis, MO

2024 55th Florida State Doubles Championships
9/13/2024 - 9/15/2024
Davie, FL

9/13/2024 - 9/15/2024
Lilburn Georgia , GA

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