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The R2sports squash software saves the event director hours of time managing squash players in a tournament, league, or camp.

Squash is an individual sport played inside a court with four walls and a ceiling. The font wall has a metal tin at the bottom and around all the walls there is a higher out line. After the service to the opposite side of the court, the opponent must return the ball and hit the front wall above the tin and not hit a wall anywhere above the out line. The player must get to the next shot before the ball bounces twice. Some events use rally scoring where a point is scored in each rally. In other events, the player must be serving in order to score a point. Doubles is sometimes played where a pair of two players competes against another team.

Squash Tournament Software

The R2sports squash tournament software has been used to manage the Canadian adult and junior national championships. Squash Alberta also uses the software for all of their provincial events.

Squash tournament software

Squash League Software

The squash league software makes it easy for a league director to manage squash players. Generate league brackets and participants can follow results through the league website.

Squash league manager

Squash Membership Management System

Are you searching for a way to maintain squash memberships for your squash association? The R2sports membership system will help keep track of member expiration dates and you can require a current membership before allowing registration into a league or tournament.

Squash membership software

Squash Ranking Systems

Is your squash association tired of keeping up with rankings manually? The squash software automatically sends match results to the ranking system. Squash players can search the rankings and history against other competitors.

Squash ranking system

Squash Ladder Software

The ladder squash software is a self-maintaining system that allows players to challenge higher ranked opponents, report results, and view their current ladder position. The director sets up the ladder by going through the setup wizard and selecting the rules and options that the players will follow. A challenge website is created and participants go there to get all of the ladder information. Automated email notifications are sent to players when they get challenged or when a penalty is about to be issued.

Squash Ladder Software

Squash Online Registration

Use the squash camp registration software to allow squash students to enter online for a squash instructional camp where they can learn proper techniques and form mechanics. The director can track camp revenue through the accounting section.

Squash camp registration

Squash Websites

Have you been looking for a squash website that displays all of the sanctioned events for your organization? The event information is pulled from the tournament and league database, and changes based on the current date. Write text articles and upload images without having to know html through the content manager.

Squash association website

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