Table Tennis Software

The R2 sports table tennis software allows a director to easily manage leagues, tournaments, camps, and challenge ladders.

Table tennis is a racquet sport played on a table divided in half by a low net. Sometimes called ping pong, it is played as both singles, and with doubles teams at each end of the table.

Competitors begin a rally by hitting the ping pong ball with a paddle so it bounces once on their side of the net, then once on the other side closest to the opponent. After the serve, each shot must be returned and hit the table on the opposite side of the net. A point is earned after each rally if a player isnít able to play the ball within the rules.

Table Tennis Tournament Software

The R2 sports table tennis software for tournaments makes a directorís job simple and easy. Save time generating brackets and setting game times. The tournament website makes it easy to get the information to all of the players.

Table tennis tournament software

Table Tennis League Management

The tennis software for leagues allows directors to manage ping pong players. After league schedules are created, participants can login and report their own results.

Table-tennis league manager

Table Tennis Ranking System

Need a ranking system for you table tennis organization? The R2 sports league and tournament systems sends results into the R2sports rankings system. Players can visit the rankings section on the website to view current rankings and match histories of players.

Table tennis ranking system

Table Tennis Online Registration

The software for table tennis camp registration enables students to join the camp through the online registration system. Directors can add additional items to purchase during registration and track everything through the event accounting system.

Table tennis camp registration

Table Tennis Ladder Software

The director goes through the setup steps of the challenge ladder table tennis software and a website is generated for the participants. Players can view ladder rules, see ping pong ladder rankings, enter online, make challenges, and report results. After the initial setup has been completed, the system maintains itself by updating ladder positions and sending automated email notifications each time trigger actions occur.

Table Tennis Ladder Software

Table Tennis Membership Software

Are you looking to manage table tennis memberships for a table tennis association? The R2 sports member management system helps administrators and commissioners manage player data. Use the email system to communicate with players that are setup and organizaed in groups

Table tennis membership software

Table Tennis Websites

Does your association need a table tennis website that is integrated with all the tournament and leagues that you are sanctioning? Our dynamic websites have a backend control panel with a content manager which allows an administrator to upload images and change content.

Table tennis association website

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Today there are live Table Tennis events. Follow live Table Tennis leagues and tournaments online. View brackets and starting times. Results entered in real-time by event directors.

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View previous Table Tennis tournament and league results.

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