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The R2sports tennis software helps the event director save hours of time keeping track of tennis players for a camp, tournament, and league.

Tennis is an individual racket sport played on a court with a net going across the middle. To begin a rally, the server tosses a small rubber ball covered with felt up in the air and hits it over his head. The ball must travel over the net and land within the service box. The opponent on the other side of the court must get to the tennis ball before it bounces twice and hit the ball back over the net and the ball must land within the inbound lines unless the opponent chooses to hit it out of the air early. Doubles is also played where two players make up a team and compete against another pair of players. A wider set of out-lines are used in doubles so the court is a little wider.

Tennis Tournament Software

The R2sports tennis tournament software has been used by the American Tennis Association along with many other local events to help facilitate all the tasks that a director performs to prepare for a tournament.

Tennis tournament software

Tennis League Software

The tennis league software makes it easy for a league director to manage tennis players. The director can create league schedules and players can follow results through the event website.

Tennis league manager

Tennis Ranking Systems

Does your tennis association want a way to automatically keep up with player rankings? The tennis tournament and league software reports match results directly to the ranking system after an event. Tennis players can search the rankings and view match history against other opponents.

Tennis ranking system

Tennis Online Registration

Use the tennis camp registration software to allow tennis students to register for a tennis camp online to learn proper footwork and swing mechanics. The director can monitor camp payments through the accounting section and view profits.

Tennis camp registration

Tennis Ladder Software

The challenge ladder tennis software creates a website after the director goes through the steps in the setup section. On the site, players can view the rules, see the ladder rankings, register online for the tennis ladder, request challenges, and report scores and results. Directors can enter results and make challenges on behalf of players and adjust ladder positions if needed.

Tennis Ladder Software

Tennis Membership Management System

Need a way to track tennis memberships for your tennis organization? The R2sports membership system will help maintain the players’ membership status. Players can be added to groups and a administrators can communicate to the players using the integrated email system.

Tennis membership software

Tennis Websites

Have you been searching for a tennis website that displays all of the events for your organization? The league and tournament database sends information to the event website and the sections change based on the current date. Upload images and create website articles using the content manager without having to learn html.

Tennis association website

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