R2 Sports Membership Management System

The R2 sports membership application is a tool that sport organizations can use to track users. Administrators can setup groups for users, create membership types and give users different access levels.
Easily generate reports for system payments and activity history of users. Create courses and online tests that users can take to a achieve a certification.

R2 Sports Membership Management System Features
Users can update their own profile information and print membership cards by logging into the membership software application. Inside the application they can add themselves to open groups, view their payments and activity history, and take online courses and tests.
~ Easily Track Users and Memebers
~ Easily Manage All User Access Levels
~ Modify Membership Groups
~ Manage Event Sanctioning for Tournaments, Leagues, Seasons and Camps
~ Manage and Reporting for Memberships and Accounting Tracking
~ View and track Activity History
~ Multiple Communication types
~ Create Courses and Online Tests

R2 Sports Membership Management System Pricing
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