About Us

R2 Sports was created in 2001 by Ryan and Tish Rodgers.

Ryan and Tish both attended and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.

The complete and unique online software was created after running sporting events using excel spreadsheets and realizing that there had to be a better, more effective, more efficient and faster way to manage a tournament.

R2 Sports provides a shared online software system. All system data is stored on a dedicated server with a central and secure online database. The Shared System allows clients to take advantage of new features. When a client requests an update, others can also use the new component.

R2 Sports utilizes an affiliate program to help promote and expand clientele. The affiliate program offers a person a percentage of registration fees, during a specific period, for referring new business to R2 Sports. Referring new business means that the person provides a solid and positive lead that results in a new director or organization using the R2 Sports software. The affiliate program is also extended to a person or organization that provides a solid and positive lead that generates a new advertiser to R2 Sports.

Customer service is one of our company's greatest strength. R2 Sports provides customer service via Facebook messenger, email, phone, text, video conference, and face to face meetings. R2 Sports offers advice, tips, and live online training to anyone interested in learning how easy the R2 Sports software systems can make managing a sports organization.

R2 Sports believes in creating a complete automated system that is easy to use and streamlined to provide the organization and its users everything needed to manage, promote and run their activities.

R2 Sports understands the needs for organizations to provide multiple levels of customer service to their members. R2 Sports believes that creating multi-purpose systems that work together or stand-alone allows organizations to better manage and maintain their membership.

R2 Sports believes that organizations should have multiple software tools to:
~Have direct communication with its members.
~Create new streams of revenue.
~Help generate new membership leads.
~Create ways to improve and retain memberships.