Washers League Software


The Washers Season and League Software has similar functionality as the software tournament application. The director goes through the steps in the setup wizard, a Washers league website is automatically created where participants can sign up online and the director can set the round robins and schedule times. The Washers Season and League Software director activates the results at the end of the season so everyone can see the results.

Pricing details at bottom for the online washers league software.



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League Manager Software Features
~ League directors can seed round robin league schedules and set game times
~ Staff members can update league scores through the director control panel
~ Print and hand out league sheets to all the participants. Parents and fans can follow league results online and see the upcoming schedule.
~ League directors can communicate with registered participants using the built-in email system.
~ After the season is over, activate the league results so everyone can see the winners.

Per League / Season Activation Fee: $16

Additional Usage Fees
USA / Canada / Europe Pricing: 

~ $0.50 per participant for individual sports

~ $2 per team 

~ Option to process cards for 5% fee

Mexico / South America Pricing: 

~ $0.50 per participant for individual sports

~ $1 per team 

~ Option to use PayPal for $0.12 per transaction fee<