Rankings for Sport Organizations

Stop wasting time manually tracking rankings.

The R2sports software for a tournament or league reports results directly to the ranking software. After the director has all game results entered, they simply click on a link to report results to the ranking software.

Some organizations also use the R2 sports membership software and require users to have a current membership in order to have a ranking spot. This is a good way to ensure that members keep a current membership and pay their dues on time.

R2sports Screen Shots: Rankings Software

Association Ranking System

The sports website has a rankings tab on the top nav bar that takes web users to the ranking system. This tab can take users to a specific ranking type, like male adult rankings, or can be customized to the associationís preference.

The top image in the red showcase can be changed out in the association management software control panel along with the text at the top of the page.

Users can use the ranking system filter to create reports for options including: Adult male, adult female, boys, and girls ranking types. Narrow the search down even further by selecting a state or province to view the highest ranked regional player. Also restrict it by age group to see who the best player is within an age range. Search by first and last name to find a specific player.

The top of the report will list the date in which ranking system last calculated results. Starting with the number one ranked player and moving down, each record in the report will display the playerís picture if one has been upload in his profile. When entrants reg on line for an event, they can upload their profile photo.

The playerís rank in the ranking system will be listed next to their name, city, state/province, and country, then gender. The playerís name is linked and when clicked on takes the user to their rank systems match history where all the matches used to determine the competitorís ranking is displayed.

The R2sports tournament and league software systems are both integrated with the rankings system and send match data to the ranking system. At the end of the event after all results have been entered, the director clicks a button to report results to the rankings system. Rankings are re-calculated and the website is automatically updated.

Using the R2 sports ranking system for your sport organizationís rankings means that your rankings coordinator wonít have to do any more work on the rankings, only monitor and answer questions. No one will ever again have to spend hours of time tracking player rankings manually or doing any tedious match data entry. Draw masters can pre-seed draws using the rank system to eliminate any bias accusations and from participants, and save time trying to figure out who deserves the highest seeds with a limited amount of information.